“We will be in a better position to meet or exceed our customer requirements by managing CRM and ERP together on the Salesforce Platform.”

– Jun Watanabe, President, Mipox



Salesforce’s opportunity management helps you follow all of your customer interactions from one centralised console with integrated best practice suggestions based on embedded intelligence to help you close your deals faster.


Easily measure the success of your marketing campaigns and trace the progression from lead to opportunity, automated routing makes sure each opportunity is assigned to the best worker, at the right time.


With Salesforce’s mobile cloud, all of your connected devices become a portable office. No matter where in the world you are, you have access to your leads, opportunities and reports all in a customisable format.


Salesforce embedded analytics puts all your sales information at your fingertips, no matter where in the world you are, or what device you’re using.



Use macros to automate repetitive multi step tasks and reduce the time to resolution for your customer cases, whilst freeing up your resources for more complex tasks.

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Lightning Console

Salesforce’s next generation agent experience gives your workers a global overview of your customer’s information, workers are more productive and efficient with all of the facts at their fingertips, all the time.


Salesforce connects with the industry leading CTI providers, allowing you to manage your calls from directly in the console and instantly keep track of notes during the call itself.

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Customer Journey

Create personalised customer experiences across all mediums and connect your marketing across all of your customer interactions

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Document Management Data System Business Internet Technology Concept.

Data Managment

Salesforce’s unified platform allows you to capture and activate data from anywhere, then use it to create engaging and successful marketing content.


Use native tools within Salesforce to build and automate targeted mobile experiences including SMS, push notifications and group messages.

“Pretty much every aspect of our business is covered by Rootstock, from purchasing to work order management, to field service and maintenance, bill of materials… everything.”

– Stephen Simons, CIO, Astrum Solar



Unlike many competitors, Salesforce commerce cloud is deeply intertwined with the worlds number 1 CRM platform – Salesforce! Connect your retail operation directly to you marketing, service and community.

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hands of businesswoman weaving virtual business network


Modern businesses operate across the globe, with different languages, localisations, brands and currencies. Use Salesforce’s unified multisite management capabilities to ensure users from around the world get the same top level service.

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Keep your customers engaged and excited by rolling seamless upgrades and new customer experiences all through the cloud.


Use Einstein’s AI tools to provide merchandising insights, automation and personalised experiences for every customer; all built in to the structure of the commerce cloud.

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Create collaborative communities for everyone within your business ecosystem- agencies, vendors, employees, applicants etc.


Develop your customer relationships by providing a place where customers can interact with your business and with each other, collaborate and share to build enthusiasm for your brand


Help customers to help themselves, and reward your community for helping each other by creating a self service experience with Salesforce’s online communities.


Provide your employees with the same interactive community benefits as their customers- create an environment where employees help each other to solve their problems and find the information they need to keep them interested and active at work.



Connect your workers through their work with integrated chat, checklists and project management tools within documents and spreadsheets

business plan brainstorming meeting team Meeting concept.


Collaborate. Embed live applications across your organisation to connect your employees, native chat and messaging functionality encourages employee collaboration to increase productivity.

Product customization concept. Businessman with scheme - process of customer customized product.


Combine a wide range of features into one approved workflow to streamline your teams working practices into one optimised collaboration solution.


Your team are always up to date with the latest news and tasks with a seamless desktop to mobile experience.