Item Attributes

Manage product definition and setup with Product and Item Master Maintenance, including Item Revision Control, Pricing, Kitted Products, Configured Products and Stock Products. All key Direct Material Item attributes are maintained in Item Master Maintenance. Convenient policy settings by Product Groups and Item Commodity Code minimize the effort of initial setup and ongoing updating of policies for Products and Items.

  • Pre-assign inventory types to define the inventory, including Scrap, Inspection, Vendor owned, Consigned and by Division or Site.
  • Manage stock by item, location, division and site
  • Track costs and quantities for each item

Serial Tracking

Rootstock Lot & Serial Control provides for an item’s lot or serial number to be registered through Purchasing Receipts, Inventory, Shop Floor Control, and Sales Order Fulfillment functions.

  • Register lot numbers through Purchasing Receipts, Inventory, Shop Floor Control, and Sales Order Fulfilment functions.
  • Assign serial numbers to inventory, tracking them through production and sales order fulfilment
  • Record batch specific information against inventory

“One of the things we’ve been able to do is really get a handle on our raw material inventory.”

– Mitch Cahn, President, Unionwear

Inventory Control

Maintain and control inventory through easy-touse screens for updating item inventory quantities and details, inventory valuation and planning, and the setting of item policies like lead-time and replenishment planning. Includes Purchase Requisition Maintenance for Direct Material Items and Supply Demand Review (an output of Replenishment Planning), to show demand, supply and projected on-hand balances by time period.

  • Allocations – Use soft allocation for MRP material planning and project control, letting you reserve items for specific orders.
  • Customisable Cycle Counting – Create customisable lists for cycle counting based on parameters set specifically for items, division or site.
  • Consigned Inventory – Create locations for customer-owned inventory.
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