The Company

Who are we? RootHub IT is a customer-focused consultancy utilising technology to enable digital transformation. We are the UK’s only provider of Rootstock Software, which is global cloud based ERP system built upon the powerful platform. Rootstock is a cloud based manufacturing system, which provides all of the benefits of traditional ERP with the agility and accessibility of the cloud.
What do we do? The team have a depth of knowledge and in excess of 30 years experience not only of the products we use, but of our client’s industries. In consultation, we assess whole industry needs to anticipate and provide unique, forward thinking solutions that create long-term success. Our value lies in providing the commitment and passion to ensure that any deployment meets the client’s requirements.
What makes us different? Unlike many competitors, our people-friendly, flexible business model provides customers with personal, physical, continuity of contact throughout the process, the passion and integrity to always deliver and the involvement of top-level management to assure absolute commitment and trust.

Our History

Our company has been providing consultancy and software to a range of companies since 2004. Since our initial focus on lean manufacturing, our team has expanded to include a breadth of technical and functional knowledge in a variety of industries, from retail to not for profit organisations.